… aka…Holiday Magic…in bed.
People want to be special and powerful.  We want to surprise and delight. We want to be magic.

It’s ok, you can admit it.
We each dream of being able to access magic, because “magic” does not always mean spooky mind-bending or casting spells.  This kind of magic is not anti-God.  Magic is when time stands still.  The kind of magic we want to be a part of is when God shows up in us and we feel loved. 
MAGIC is: a quality that makes something seem removed from everyday life, esp. in a way that gives delight.
Magic is the MORE the SPECIAL the DIVINE. Magic is that moment when we have taken someone’s breath away, inspired, and saved. Magic is when this happens to us.
To harness immortal, divine power bigger than ourselves and grab on as it pulls us from the dull normalcy of our existence – this is what we desire as human beings. We long for magic to be IN us.  We are made of spirit and dust; made to feel the Divine coursing through our veins, but most of our days are covered in dust.
We are consumed by bad jokes, computer screens, carpools, and calendars.
We can never quite access the power and beauty in the magic of life from underneath the mounds of dust.
Except in rare moments.
Art and music give this experience to the artists. The masters can dance or sing or play and experience being a conduit for the divine.
Mothers and fathers experience magic. Children are wide open life-forces for the Spirit of God and eternity and breath to come rushing through.
But nothing is like sex… well, not just sex… Sex between people in love who are committed to each […]