A short time ago, I had the gift of writing for Kelsey Humphreys at ThePursuit.tv about how we can use our entire bodies to increase our mental creativity. “Mind Body Wow”
Below is a short excerpt! Jump on over to The Pursuit to read the entire article!

You sit at your computer, reading an article on how to improve productivity and creativity. You’ve been here for an hour, trying to get the juices flowing. Nothing is coming out of your brain that you find at all creative, original, or innovative. Maybe you are a writer, a filmmaker, a speaker, a producer, an entrepreneur. Deadlines are looming and it is time to take your work to a new level. You need to make good stuff and you need to make good stuff NOW. Coffee isn’t helping and you don’t do drugs (hopefully), so what do you do to break through?

We’ve all been there. It’s why we love The Pursuit — it helps keep us moving toward our goals even when the going gets tough. We hear from experts. We find encouragement. We learn from Kelsey.
And now there’s a new element to include in the daily movement toward your #bestself and #bestwork.
In your creative process, whether you are strategizing, creating a business plan, writing an article, or developing interview questions… whenever your brain needs a boost so you can go to the next level…
Involve your whole body in the process.
Specific, intentional, creative movement is scientifically proven to increase the quality of your creative work. There exists a reciprocal relationship between mind and body. Your brain is amazing, but all of your body parts can work together to improve your thinking skills so you can produce #allthethings that will make […]