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This week’s prompt: SEE – a Five Minute Friday Post

You are not invisible.

When you clean Barbie hair out of the sink after her impromptu trip to the kitchen scissor salon.

When you search over an hour for the missing toy, place it proudly on your son’s pillow, and he barely flinches – despite throwing a full-on fit about it that morning.

When you collect all the pink cups for a special-request tea party, that your kids play for exactly 3 minutes before running to another room.

When you clear off the dining room table, again.

When, on January 10th,  you remove and wrap up the Christmas ornaments by yourself.

When you are sick and make your own tea but don’t drink it because you’re needed in the living room to find that one episode of that one show that we love and can’t find, but nothing else will do.

When you clean all afternoon and it looks the same.

When the cat pukes and you Clorox the floor and no one ever knows.

You are not invisible. As long as all of us, working all day long to make the lives of our families just that little bit better, remember and SEE each other,

we are not invisible. 


While I do dishes, I remember you are too.

While I clean up cat puke, I remember you are doing gross things too.

While I clean off the table AGAIN, I remember you are too.

While I search high and low for the “lucky shirt”, I remember you are too.

While I read through every episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates so we can find the current favorite, I remember you are too.

We may each be serving different little families, but we are all serving the same big Family.

With love, Nicole

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