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Never be ashamed or shy about what you love.

We all know it’s cool to be cynical, to hate things, to be down on things.

We all know there are people suffering all across the world.

We all have people we care about who are struggling and longing.


And sometimes we have the things they need.


You have a husband who loves you, a lot.

You have kids who light up your life like disco balls.

You have a job that inspires you most days.

You have pretty good health.


You have Something Great.


And you’re embarrassed.


Why are we shy about the good things in life?
Maybe, it’s time we celebrate the great.

Writing this ^^^^ is just painful, honestly. Admitting you are happy is like admitting you are probably a narcissistic, selfish, ignorant child. How could you possibly be happy? And if you are happy, how dare you flaunt it?


What does a {happy} person do, because the “pursuit of happiness” is an unalienable right, but the acquisition of happiness is a punishable crime?


Listen: You may feel absurd and childlike admitting you have a great marriage, family, job, etc… SO be it. Never be ashamed of the good in your life; this does not make life better for those who are hurting. This is an insult. Appreciate what you have because, the most valuable things, you cannot give away to anyone else. They are yours. Love it all for as long as you have it. A good friend will find a way to put up with ENJOY your happiness.


As much as you wish you could help in some way, you cannot give your kids to your best friend who struggles to get pregnant. This wouldn’t fill the hole in her heart. (Even if you secretly fantasize about it – just for a day – so you can take a nap and go to the bathroom by yourself.)

As much as you wish you could help in some way, you cannot give your husband to a lonely friend. (Please don’t do that.)  And, try not to talk badly about your husband to make a friend feel better, either. It’s tempting, but it hurts everyone in the long run.

As much as you wish you could help, you cannot feed or employ everyone in the world. At least not today.

It is a balancing act, for sure. We do not want to hurt people more by rubbing any happiness we’ve received in their faces. On the other hand, we do not want to ignore and bury the good in our lives. Some day it will be gone.  Things will change.  Do not spend the entire time you have something amazing, pretending it’s just aaiiight.


If you are lucky today. Roll with it.


Surprises and changes will come, and then it will be your turn to learn again how to let others be happy even when you can’t see the sun.  The world feels pretty dark. If those who have received something great and lovely keep pretending they haven’t, how will we know the light has come?  How will we keep hoping we will each have the light someday?

Everyone is pursuing happiness in some form: a partner, a job, kids, a best friend, finally a clean house, a body that works, a relationship with God that makes sense, a loving family and on and on and on — the desires and hopes and needs of the human race are immense.



If you are in a hard time right now, I’ve been there. Promoting celebration does not mean I don’t cry hard tears for the empty, broken pieces of me – and of you.  The ache in ours heart for things TO BE DIFFERENT physically hurts and each day hopes barely survive.  Thank you for coming here.  Feel free to yell at this post. Feel free to feel all the feelings, but please don’t give up on the light and on hope. Even the smallest bit of goodness can be celebrated.



Some ways to Celebrate the Great:

Be Generous: sharing our food, our homes, our money, and our time with people. This should be as natural as breathing. We get and we give. We get and we give. We invite and we share. We hug and we include.  Make room for friendship.

Be Sacrificial: giving more than we thought possible and finding that we still always have enough. Sacrifice is not natural. It is takes wisdom to know when sacrifice will help.   Make room for justice.

Be Grateful: holding with open hands and wild wonder all that we currently have. This is where we celebrate like puppies about to go for a walk. Look at your life?! Get excited. You have good stuff. Burying the good stuff serves absolutely no one. Share everything you can. Some things you can’t share or give away, so you better just love them and be grateful.  BUT Be gracious. It’s not a competition. Gloating ruins gratitude.  Make room for beauty.


Original Art by the endlessly creative Libby at LibbyDoodle

Original Art by the endlessly creative Libby at LibbyDoodle

(Libby celebrates the great in life – she celebrates so much that the earth can’t hold her joy. Check out her prints and original art HERE and her blog HERE)

Celebrate the great in your life! Dance with your kids holding flashlights before bed and laugh til you cry at the goodness in your life. Make out with your husband when he walks in the door. Kick butt at work and change the world. Eat a healthy meal. Go for a run and feel your strong lungs expand.  Make sure as many other people as possible see generosity and sacrifice and gratitude in YOU.

Live life to the fullest reaches it can go today. This is gratitude. Do not shrink back to make room for someone else’s sorrow. Do not be so busy weeping with those who weep that you forget how good your own life is now.

We can be so wrapped up in empathy that it becomes a straightjacket. Other people’s feelings surround us completely and we no longer know how to spread back to our own shape. Like foot bindings for our minds, we are formed by their lives more than our natural growth.

“Let’s stop saying “sorry about my awesome … self, success, husband, healthy kids, good job…”

Instead, let’s say “THANK YOU. This is a good season. I’m finding ways to celebrate it all.” To use the words of my brilliant doodling, space-exploring friend Libby, “Celebrate today for its simple joys and tiny miracles.”

Never be ashamed of what you love.  The more we celebrate, the more we will find to celebrate. And when you are happy and I am not, I will learn to put up with ENJOY your happiness. We will be a team. We will share the light and warmth as best we can.

We will celebrate the great!


It's ok to be happy.

It’s ok to be happy.

Fawn Weaver, the founder of the Happy Wives Club wrote a book about the best marriage secrets the world has to offer. They say the book is like “Eat, Pray, Love meets The 5 Love Languages.” I say the book is inspiring. You can grab a copy HERE.

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