It’s time to TAKE CARE OF YOU.


When I was training for my half marathon (that phrase still makes me laugh, it still seems preposterous, but I did it)….

When I was training for my half marathon, I ate whatever I wanted.  I needed fuel! If I was hungry after a run and wanted In n Out, no problem!  If it was 10p and I was starving, absolutely I could eat some delicious Honey Bunches of Oats (with almonds!).

Then, I ran the race in December!! It was amazing. I’ll tell you all about it soon.

And I just kept on eating in the days after the race too. Want pizza for dinner? Right on! Let’s do it.  It’s almost Christmas; let’s have pie!

Now, it’s been a full month AFTER the race and it’s time to get my act together. My body needs some anti-running exercise. My body needs some lighter food. My skin needs some winter care.  I’ve gotten so lazy after the exertion of the race that I don’t even like brushing my teeth.

Can you relate? You probably didn’t run a half-marathon. (Why would a sane person do that?)  But, you probably have some kind of whole food / walk everyday / drink a smoothie for breakfast / P90x / brush your teeth 2x’s a day ….. kind of goal for this month. Let’s do it together.

To quote one of my favorite movie lines ever; it’s time to “TAKE CARE OF YOU!”

It doesn’t have to be anything big. Small things can change your life.  I will bring you my favorite food, self-care tips and products, and exercise plans both here on the blog and on my Pinterest Boards.  Bring me yours too!


Today’s Take Care of You TIP:

While I was running every day, I needed more food (thus all the eating) and I was finally brave enough to try Greek Yogurt. You may be way ahead of me on this but OH it’s awesome! If you like yogurt AT ALL, do not be scared to eat Greek Yogurt.

It has way more protein than regular yogurt and I find the consistency fluffier and more indulgent too.

Mix in all kinds of things.  I get the plain yogurt and add a little sweetness with the add-ons. Also, I cannot tell the difference between the 2% and the 0% fat so pick whichever makes you feel better about yourself.

My favorites toppings: sliced almonds and dried cranberries (since it is winter) but I bet fresh berries will be perfect in the summer.  I also like to use granola and chia seeds (they taste like nothing and have great nutrition, just ignore the fact that they look like tiny alien eggs).  Go crazy.

This was my breakfast today.

Greek yogurt with granola and dried berries

Greek yogurt with granola and dried berries


This year, be a good parent to yourself. Be consistent. Keep your promises. Lavish love. Make good food. Laugh.