Love and Making It: Valentine’s Day Edition

An online course in feeling more beautiful and brave {in bed}



Love and Making It – Valentine’s Day Edition
28 Days to more Beauty and Freedom {in bed}

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We think we have to love our bodies in order to really enjoy sex. But…

What if we had sex in order to enjoy our bodies?

What if our marriage {bed} could be the place where we bring our whole selves, without fear or pretense, to experience freedom, fun, excitement, healing, passion, and beauty… LIFE to the Fullest?

What if you were allowed to feel beautiful in bed?


After talking with hundreds of women about this topic (online, in small groups, around dinner tables, in secret FB groups, and even on stage) I can tell you without a doubt that women, especially Christian women, are not at home in their bodies and not enjoying sex the way we could. I bet that doesn’t surprise you. We know we are not happy in our bodies. We know we drag ourselves to “business time” kinds of love making. We adore our husbands, but sex is just… complicated.

We go into the nights of our marriages with a familiar conversation between ourselves and our spouses… sometimes these happen out loud with the actual husband… sometimes they are all in our minds.

“Hello, I am me. The me that you married.  Still me. I didn’t magically grow breasts or lose weight since last time we met here.”

“Hello, I know. I like you.”

“I’m all you’ve got, I suppose. Wanna have sex? I hear you like sex because, you know, you are a male. And I’m your only option. Sorry about that. Here. Here’s my body. Let’s do something with it, but I’m tired so please don’t take too long. And please ignore the ugly parts so you can get turned on and I can feel like a good wife. Ok? Bring the lubricant.”

There’s so much more for us! It does not have to stay that way! It can get so much better! Mind-blowingly better.

Join me for 28 days of support, counseling, laughs, hands-on activities, and soul-searching. In the end, you will feel more convinced than ever (maybe even for the first time) that YOUR BODY is BEAUTIFUL and the link between your body and your soul is much stronger than you knew.

Beautiful in Bed Question

You get to create your own world where YOU are the definition of beautiful. YOU are the definition of sexy. Your spouse is the definition of sexy! You are not his consolation prize. You are spectacular.


This February, choose love for yourself and for your spouse. Come, spend a month with us as we learn to love this body and love with this body. It’s time to come alive {in bed}


Love and Making It is designed to:

*Help identify what keeps us from enjoying sex

*Inspire us to excavate our desires and passions

*Free us from the lies we believe about our beauty and worth

*Give us tools and practices to help us find our BRAVE in bed

*Tattoo truths on our hearts so we never again forget how BEAUTIFUL we are

*extra bonus: Your husband will be very, very, very grateful and happy.


WHEN: February 1-28, 2014

WHAT: Daily inspiration and prompts from Nicole. A specifically designed, confidential FB group for community and support. Three group video conference calls with everyone who can make it, designed to encourage and challenge.  One heart-to-heart with just Nicole.

WHO: Married women will get the most out of this course, but all are welcome.

PRICE: $28, Honesty, a Sense of Humor, CONFIDENTIALITY (there are 2 scholarships available for the money. No one can give you humor or integrity)

28 days – designed to provide a new freedom and beauty {in bed} for $28



1. Pay through Paypal.


2. Send me an email at letting me know you paid and MOST IMPORTANTLY with the email address you use on Facebook so I can find you and add you to the group.

Once you sign up, you will soon receive a welcome email from me and an invitation to the secret FB group that will start to heat up on January 31st. Be sure to send me an email at with your name and Facebook email address.

I will close the sign ups on February 1st or when we reach our maximum.  I want to know each woman and talk to every one of you one-on-one so the class will be limited. SIGN UP TODAY!

Any questions? Email Nicole at

**Plus! Because of a generous donor, we have 2 scholarships so please email me if you’re stuck in a really rough patch. ( subject line “Love and Making It Scholarship)