I’m developing an allergy.
I get itchy just thinking about it.
I kept getting these rashes and I had no idea why. I’ve eaten this stuff all my life… loved it, told others to eat it. But, now… I’m allergic. And I’m done.
Have you ever eaten this stuff??
A big ol’ bowl of “She’s beautiful on the inside”
(scratch scratch scratch)
“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul.”

“Beauty fades, Sweetheart, but stupid is forever.”

“Even when your beauty fades with age, you’re still glamorous at heart.”

I can’t breathe. WHERE’S MY EPIPEN!
I’m dying here, people. Dying.  That old lady IS BEAUTIFUL. Her beauty did not fade!!!  She is beautiful and glamorous inside AND OUT.
What if we could see that beauty does not fade?
This takes redefining “beauty” to a larger definition than just smooth skin and perky breasts.  To be clear, I am not talking about moving beauty away from those things. Smooth skin is beautiful. Perky breasts are beautiful. No one is able to look away from a set of perky, soft breasts. They speak comfort and some kind of magic wonder, like almost nothing else. We were all babies at one point. Breasts are awesome.  {{Tangent}}
What if we could work together to expand the edges of the Land of Beautiful? One person at a time…  Starting with the next woman you see who doesn’t give you that sugar-fix of pretty we are use to – take the time to readjust your brain and see her as beautiful, equal in worth and beauty to the next woman and the next.
We have such limited palates when it comes to beauty. Our tastes are so narrow. And we […]