I’m developing an allergy.

I get itchy just thinking about it.

I kept getting these rashes and I had no idea why. I’ve eaten this stuff all my life… loved it, told others to eat it. But, now… I’m allergic. And I’m done.

Have you ever eaten this stuff??

A big ol’ bowl of “She’s beautiful on the inside

(scratch scratch scratch)


“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul.”

Inner Beauty


“Beauty fades, Sweetheart, but stupid is forever.”

Stupid is forever


“Even when your beauty fades with age, you’re still glamorous at heart.”

Glamorous at Heart


I can’t breathe. WHERE’S MY EPIPEN!

I’m dying here, people. Dying.  That old lady IS BEAUTIFUL. Her beauty did not fade!!!  She is beautiful and glamorous inside AND OUT.

What if we could see that beauty does not fade?

This takes redefining “beauty” to a larger definition than just smooth skin and perky breasts.  To be clear, I am not talking about moving beauty away from those things. Smooth skin is beautiful. Perky breasts are beautiful. No one is able to look away from a set of perky, soft breasts. They speak comfort and some kind of magic wonder, like almost nothing else. We were all babies at one point. Breasts are awesome.  {{Tangent}}

What if we could work together to expand the edges of the Land of Beautiful? One person at a time…  Starting with the next woman you see who doesn’t give you that sugar-fix of pretty we are use to – take the time to readjust your brain and see her as beautiful, equal in worth and beauty to the next woman and the next.

We have such limited palates when it comes to beauty. Our tastes are so narrow. And we are missing out on some of the best people God has ever created.

Those amazing people are beautiful on the inside, and we can appreciate them for that, BUT we cannot forget that they are whole people. God made ALL of that person, her beautiful face and her beautiful soul. When we disregard the outer beauty of someone, we disregard an integral part of who they are. This causes a lot of pain.

Can I say that again? This causes a lot of pain, separating a soul from her body. Saying someone has a beautiful soul and that their outer beauty doesn’t matter or will fade or is shallow (or isn’t good enough to count), forces that soul to pull away from her body, the one she is made to love and care for and enjoy.

The soul pulls away, and both the body and soul suffer. I use to think this was holy, to see people’s hearts as beautiful and “see past” their outer appearance. Now, I am realizing how wrong that was. Now, I am realizing I must learn to really SEE all of them as beautiful. Beauty originates from the core of a person but it absolutely does not end there – it spreads to every inch of their body.

“Beauty is simply reality seen with the eyes of love”

Beauty reality

What if we learned to see that beauty has everything to do with our faces & bodies AND our hearts, minds & souls. The reality of WHOLE Beauty. What if we loved the whole person, inside and out, and were able to see their whole beauty?

Well, this would lead to improvement in every area of life.  Sex would improve a lot. If women believed they were beautiful as they are, not some second-rate booby-prize their man is stuck with… If men learned to see women as whole, beautiful people, not a dessert to satisfy a craving…

This could improve they way we treat each other across races. If we could see beauty IN people’s skin and faces, rather than waiting for a magical day when we “get past” appearance and see their hearts…. If we could equally value all kinds of beauty…

Now, I am an idealist. Yep. Sure am. And I know this is crazy talk.

Who cares? Isn’t this also the way it SHOULD be? AND isn’t the job of everyone who believes in God and believes in a better way, to bring light into dark and more of heaven to earth?

So, I will back up just a tad and say today, start with yourself and with a woman you love. Remind yourself and her that she is altogether beautiful with a beauty that does not fade. Whole beauty.


“You are altogether beautiful, My Darling, beautiful in every way.” SOS 4:7