That’s right, I’m betting on myself.

Because sometimes when you say, “For you, I will,” the you is actually YOU.


In the month of June, I will be part of something that made me laugh and then, as I let it marinate in my brain… well, it inspired me! (kinda like this /\ /\ picture! /\ /\ )


Do you ever need a push sometimes? Do you ever bribe yourself to workout or finish an assignment? What prize  motivates you?

This time, I am betting actual cash on myself.

I made a little wager that I could lose 4% of my weight in the month of June. It’s a good thing, I promise!

It’s part of a motivation challenge on Casey Ho’s blog-

Casey is a woman dedicated to health and happiness in herself AND others. She is silly and energetic and smart and strong. So, when she started this Diet Bet I wanted in.

(My link is: and

Already there are over 3,000 people in the mix. Everyone who loses 4% or more wins their $25 back and then we split any money left over if other people don’t reach their minimum goal.

Listen, it could be easy to criticize this idea if you wanted to; I get it.  Shallow? Maybe. Not the point of life? Of course.  For me though, putting a little money on the line for my health … I need this.

Don’t you need a push sometimes? Do you ever bribe yourself to workout or finish an assignment?

What’s your most motivating prize?

Hey, maybe next time, if any of you need a loan that you’d only have to pay back if I reach a new goal, let me know!! I could be like a bank with a six pack in a couple years.  🙂  I could call it ButtKickStarter! (don’t steal it!)

So, throughout June, I will be getting my physical act together. I’ve been sliding down this hill of sugar and salt and naps and depression for a while now and I’m ready to dig my fingers into the cliff and climb back up.


I’d love your support. Come back and read as I write about my June experience as well as my past health challenges, injury recovery, food love/love relationship, and all the other things I pretend I don’t care about on a minute-by-minute basis. AND join me if you need a ButtKickStart.

Today, I have a choice in the matter of how my body feels. So, I am going to move and dance and nourish this lovely place I live in. I have spent a full year just doing what I felt like doing – going on nice walks (sometimes) but mostly eating Chic-Fil-A and staying very, very still. It is a lovely mirage to believe I will feel good if I just stop feeling guilty about not eating healthy foods and exercising, but it is just a mirage.  I know what happens to my body when I don’t strengthen it – I can feel it slipping into entropy.

I want joy, strength, power and to get out of bed excited for a new day.

Everything is connected. The better my body feels, the better everything will feel.

Let’s go on a LIFE and not a die-etteLet’s Celebrate LIFE. It’s now or never.