When I wrote this piece on “finding your roar” for The Story Unfolding, I had no idea what was headed my way.  All I knew was that my desires and my rebellious voice were waking up.  What about you?  Are you finding your voice? Is there something in your gut that is calling for change?  Is the voice in your heart demanding to be heard?


Lioness Prowl

The Lion Inside

There is a lion inside me and she is going to get me in trouble. She is loud, and too proud of herself. Her rumbles in my chest make my voice shake. I can’t keep steady. Her large, soft paws land firmly on my heart with a pat, push, pat, push, pat, push, pat, push. I want her to leave so I can keep hiding; people notice lions. I really want her to leave but I think she is pumping my heart.

The lion inside stretches each morning and hunts with restless energy. She stalks in the light making words her food. No fear is in her. There’s still some in me, but there’s none in her. Her lack of fear actually terrifies me. She could do anything, ANYTHING.

As a child, I remember her laying inside my heart. When the dishes flew and the words spun like ninja stars around our yellow house, I could crawl inside my ribcage with her and be safe. Her coarse fur against my skin, a reminder that some feelings are good. Her throat just above my head; a gentle purr soothing me to sleep.

She never roared. Not once. A quiet strength protecting this scared girl until I was full grown. Her fur muffling the screams and shouts of dangers in the night.

But now I am a woman. A full grown woman. And she’s been waiting to {ROAR}. She will not be ignored. She is going to get me in trouble, but her rumbles still shake my chest. My full grown chest, with big lungs and breasts. I am a woman with a roar waiting to rattle the roof.

Words from an old book come to me now, I want to write an old book. Old books always come back.

“A man in the jungle at night may suppose a hyena’s growl to be a lion’s; but when he hears the lion’s growl, he knows damn well it’s a lion.”
– Sheldon Vanauken

When I roar, you will know damn well, it is a lion inside. I will step forward with a pride behind me and I will {ROAR}.

Is there a lion inside you too?  It’s time to make some noise. It’s time to get in trouble.


>> What do you feel in your body when you think about letting the lion inside ROAR?

>> What does your ROAR sound like? Do you know yet why or why not

(If you don’t know yet, here are some questions to help you hear your ROAR:

-What makes you angry? -What do you dream of doing? -Who needs protection and why? -What is so close to your heart that when you speak it, you feel vulnerable and shy and immediately want to take it back?