I dare you to look in the mirror and see beauty; see a face that God loves and made.

God loves your face. You are allowed to love your face too.


There has been a lot written about fasting from mirrors. Good challenges have come from good people to help end our obsession with mirrors and just go throughout our days without looking at ourselves constantly. These challenges can have important freeing effects for us as we try to stop obsessing about our flaws, but the mirror and the looking is NOT the problem. It’s always the motivations behind the actions that matter. 


We may fast from mirrors as a way to realign ourselves with the issues inside these bodies – the issues in our souls about worth and narcissism and the tension-filled dance we all move through each day…


We may fast from “looking” at ourselves so that the next time we look, we look with love and acceptance instead of obsession and self-loathing…


But we do not fast from mirrors because looking at ourselves is somehow less holy or less healthy than ignoring our outsides. It is not shallow to love your surface area.


In this culture, where a specific kind of beauty is power, there is nothing more Jesus-like or revolutionary than loving YOUR OWN face, no matter how it compares to anyone else’s. This is the upside down kingdom of God – where everyone is beautiful, even you. (Even if you don’t believe in God, trusting in the abundance and beauty of all people is powerful.}


Looking at your own face as a spiritual practice is a powerful rebellion.


I dare you to look in the mirror and LOVE your face.


Love your face, not because it can get you things or make you feel powerful (which is narcissism) but because it was made well.


I dare you to look in the mirror, not to fix yourself but to appreciate the glory of God’s creation. Looking at ourselves can be a distraction or it can be like a prayer of THANKS.


When it is not narcissism but gratitude that brings us to look in a mirror or take a picture, I believe we will have figured out a major riddle in life.

You are allowed to like the face you’ve been given.

 Like the face you've been given

You can be pretty sure that God wanted you to have your face… why would you ignore something beautiful that God has given you?


This may take work. This may feel harder than just ignoring your face. This may take redefining what “beautiful” means for you. It is hard to hold an opinion that someone else doesn’t agree with. It is hard to believe we are “good looking” when we feel other people disagree with us. But you are “good looking” and the only opinion that matters is your own and that of your creator.


If you love Jesus, You can look to Him and serve other people WHILE liking the body God gave you. You can love your family and be beautiful on the inside WHILE believing in the goodness of all creation, including your own body.


This actually helps us love other people better too. I no longer let the beauty of another person intimidate me or make me treat them any differently than anyone else. I no longer hide because I am having a “bad hair day” or a “fat day.” I can live freely and bravely everyday in the assurance that I am beautiful and made well. Then, I extend that same acceptance to those other people – they may look different from me but they are equally beautiful.


We climb mountains and travel 1,000s of miles to watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean because it is beautiful. Yet, we are faced everyday with the greatest miracle of nature – the human body.  Take some time to appreciate being you.  You are beautiful. Take a look!


I dare you to look in the mirror at least 2 times today and say “Thank you, God for all of THIS.”

{It may add oomph to gesture towards your body while saying those words.}



What if instead of avoiding the mirror, you really looked at your reflection?


What if you looked in the mirror not to fix things but to appreciate things?


What if we believe we are beautiful on the outside and the inside?


What if we started using our mirrors as spiritual tools?


What if you use your mirror as a way to see something beautiful everyday?




It will take focus and work to believe our beauty. I want to help. Sign up for a worksheet/devotional on seeing and believing our own beauty.



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