Red Panda Picture

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Do you know what this animal is called?

The scientific name: Ailurus fulgens



In most zoos these animals are labelled as “Red Panda” or “Cat-Bear”.

Red Panda… this name conjures up certain images in our heads.  Images of cuddles and fur, cuteness and sweetness, like the best pet you will never have.  You’d definitely offer to hug a Red Panda.  I’d build a tree in my bedroom just to have Red Pandas sleep on it all day.


Red Panda

Cute, Cuddly, Sweet, Safe


Names matter.  What we label something gives it meaning and subtext.  It changes how we treat it.  Language is subconsciously very powerful.


This animal has another name: Firefox


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Now that’s an animal worth closer attention.  A Firefox is handsome, beautiful, mysterious. You respect a Firefox.  You do not own a firefox; she allows you into her presence.


Brave, Mysterious, Beautiful, Wild



Are you a Red Panda or a Firefox?

You get to choose. The world does not get to decide for you who you are.  This crazy zoo may call you a Red Panda, but you know in your soul you are a Firefox – and a Firefox does not give a damn what anyone else thinks.  

Note: Jeff Corwin taught me that scientists have tried to categorize these animals into a larger group, but they defy categorization. They are not raccoons, cats, or bears. They are their own category.  You can be your own category. You do not have to fit into the box others have assigned to you.  People will try to fit you into something they know how to handle. Don’t worry about them. Just keep being your own foxy self.


Be the kind of parent you want to be.

Be the kind of spouse you want to be.

Be the kind of human you want to be.

Be the kind of beauty you want to be.

Be the kind of lover you want to be.


Firefox Art