In honor of one of my dear Story Unfolding sisters, Sarah McCarten’s 30th Birthday, as part her “30 Things” Series…. I’ve written 30 Things I Learned from My Young Daughters with help from my 8 and (almost) 5 year-old muses. Click the link to read the full 30 Things post on Sarah’s blog.


It’s not a cliché if it’s deeply true; We learn just as much from our children as they do from us. Being a child is frustrating and glorious. They are experts at honest living. Every parent needs a reminder to see their kids as teachers not just tiny drunk comedians we are trying to keep alive.



By: Nicole Romero (with help from her tiny teachers)

1. Struggle builds our lives. From the beginning we have to push and work and try. Wanna walk? Find a way. Grab your mom’s jeans. Grab a coffee table… and PULL yourself to your feet. You will fall. You will cry. Then, you will need to get back up and try again. Want to learn something new? Get ready to work hard.

2. Fruit is the best food. Well, fruit and goldfish crackers.

3. Feel emotion. When someone hurts your feelings, go ahead and cry. You’ll feel better. When something is funny, let that belly laugh roll out of your gut. That’s what life is for, right?

4. Feel emotions, but then let it go and move on. There are a lot of fun things to do today. Even when you cry, keep an eye out for the next fun, funny, interesting thing because it might appear while you are crying and you don’t want to miss it. When it comes, forget the tears and enjoy it!

5. Change is hard. Even the introduction of a new pillow or potty seat can throw you off. Complain, voice your issues, but know it’ll be your new favorite thing in about 3 days.

Read all 30 Things …  And, please tell me, what have you learned from your kids? For better or for worse?!